We are plugging the enormous digital skills gap 

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Across the UK and the Nordic countries, there is a huge demand for top talent with excellent tech skills. Our mission is to match talent from across Africa to amazing work opportunities in the UK and the Nordics

We solve digital talent shortages

The transition to the Digital Economy is accelerating, propelled further by Artificial Intelligence. Remote and flexible working continue to be on the rise and the global demand for tech talent is outstripping supply. We identify and select talent in Africa, make careful assessments, and place great people in excellent employment situations.

Tech Recruitment 

We select and provide first-rate talent to tech companies in the UK and the Nordics.

Digital Skills Training

Our training is focused on technology areas where there is high  demand for skilled people.

Mentorship & Placements

Our mentorship sessions help talent in our ecosystem grow by offering them learning experiences with industry experts  and we provide customized service for seamless placement.